Our Story

Est. 2008, we have generated millions of dollars and have initiated brands within the world of Affiliate Marketing by continuing to stay ahead of the ball with new trends on how to be the best online entrepreneur. By helping our clients generate 5 to 6-figure incomes on a monthly basis, we are able to be a front -running resource for online advertising. As we continue to learn, so do our subscribers which is why they place the trust of their success in our hands.

Our Approach

"Brand, Initiate, Test, and Expand (BITE)" is our philosophy to the progress of our advertisers. We believe that you need to BITE every time you take on a new project (even if your parents told you not to) for your sales funnel to be successful. We are motivated by the many success stories that are provided to us from our subscribers. We are changing lives every day and to our team, that's what it's all about. Brand Initiation is the only advertising company that can show you how to make money selling whatever you want and make money marketing whatever you're selling! Isn't that awesome?

Meet the Team

We have fun, we have diversity, and we have financial freedom!

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Brand Managers

Stephen writes:

"What other company allows the team to create company culture for themselves? That's the beauty of being an online entrepreneur and associated with something so special like Brand Initiation!"

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